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palindrome (palin drōm) noun. 1.a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backward as forward, e.g., madam or racecar.

Swap the tiles until all of the rows and columns are palindromes, in as few moves as possible. Inspired by symmetry, Sudoku and matching games, Puzzledrome takes tiled based puzzling to the next level! What’s left is right, what’s up is down…

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Carlos Danger

Available NOW for Android! Coming soon to iOS.

Hot dog vendor by day, super secret agent by night. Help Carlos Danger escape from Ms. Stress with the secret data that will surely destroy the frankfurter industry in this endless runner. Battle your way to the high score as you collect intercepted text messages and destroy the evil blue birds! Save your weiner business and the world!

**All characters are completely fictional. Any similarities to persons, spiky boxes, birds, or politicians who accidentally tweeted pictures of their junk, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Aerial Austen

Available NOW for iOS and Android!

* Ascend in a furious manner
* Obviate death for the maximum period
* Achieve the uppermost score
* Boast about your finest mark

**UPDATE  New character pack! Play as Elizabeth Bennet, Marianne Dashwood, and Mr. Darcy!**

Tap tap tap to rise above, while avoiding the whispering windbags and prattle of mindless babblers in this Copter game parody. Tap to change direction as you fly up through weathered beams and talking heads. Help ‘lil Jane Austen ascend to a new high score, but be careful, regency life is much harder than it looks!






Now Available for Android!

Add Slender Man to any photo with SlenderCam for Android. Take a picture, use an existing photo or grab one from the web and create your
own Slender Man memes, then share them to Facebook and Twitter, all from your iPhone.

* 8 different Slender Man options to choose from
* Move and scale Slenderman to fit your photo
* Erase Slender Man to seamlessly fit your photo
* Edit photo with cool effects and numerous other editing features
* Create your own Slender meme
* Share to Facebook and Twitter or email