Who We Are

headshotBrian Dutton – el Presidente  Brian founded Asinine Games in 2012 after working in the game industry as a Sound Designer.  His previous audio work includes Spec Ops: The Line, Eve Online, Kingdom Under Fire II, and many others. Brian handles most of the coding, some art and audio, and oversees the creative direction and production of all projects.  His passion for gaming can only be rivaled by his passion for good beer and bad movies.



Jack  – Mascot Our fearless leader happens to be an Ass, but you can’t really blame him, he is a Donkey after all.  He enjoys long walks on the beach and drunken karaoke.



yogeshYogesh Tanwar  – Programmer Yogesh is an iOS programmer who has worked with us on Puzzledrome and some other app updates.


10288748_635648353185718_1964757587722990527_nRemus Brahasteanu – Programmer Remus is the founder of Dorin Games and worked with us on Carlos Danger. He has also helped out with updates and bug fixes for Flapping Bard and Aerial Austen.  Remus enjoys kick boxing, he plays bass, and really should quit smoking.


vipinVipin Kumar – Artist  Vipin has created original hand drawn art for Run Run Santa, Carlos Danger, and is currently working hard on Death Fish.


Our Mission

Life is hard, games make it better. We strive to develop engaging cross platform games that enable users to escape from life for a short time.  Our company is dedicated to fostering the local community through events like game jams and workshops, and making a positive difference in young people’s lives by providing hands on training and mentorship to area youth  in the field of game development.  We strongly oppose the use of psychological tactics to extract as much money from users as possible by aggressively targeting a small subset of people with addictive tendencies.  Addiction is a serious problem and should never be used as a revenue stream.


Sandbox Accelerator Badge (1)Asinine Games was an E for All Accelerator Finalist and prize winner in the Summer of 2014!